My Faults.

hai~ In this night i just want to write something. yeah just like this. my english is so bad but if i never try to writing in in english, my parents must be angry hahaha. i’ve been in international relation major at university but really my english still like this. poor me! my friends is sooo pretty good in english and that make me really jealous.hikz. my brain and my heart is sooooooo sensitive. i dont know why. if I say my major is IR people will LOL me! aish. i dont want that nightmares>< hikz. my parents spent a lot of money for my life in this town! yeah im alone in this place without them! i life in here and always say to my parents, money, money, and money. but god, you know me so well right? i dont want to make my parents have a feeling i have happy days in here with the money they give me..


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