Missing Daddy

hellow buddys!!
in the dark nyte i just want to write some about my felling..my grammar is suck but i tried my best okay!
today is saturday nyte~ im alone in my room~ i love this situation—-silently-
because i dont like the boom(?) sound like yayayayayiyiyiyiiyi etc okay!hehe..
i miss my parents~ really i am… i trying hard to keep my tears but they’re just running down in my cheeks…thats make a hard impact for my nose..my nose is so ughhh because tears hehehe…
i found my self so ugly because crying..so?-____- i’m already ugly so why ahahaha
i have many thing distrub me the last day i just can’t hold my emotion and my bad felling to each other.. umm because i think my periode was come near, but thats wrong~ im not in my period until this day, so?? ughhh im sooooooooooooo angry to my self because being a cryingbaby.. why crying baby? of courseeeee im still a baby…for my parent at least, but my parent give me a wonderful thing. what is that? That called a responsibility~ a believing for reach my life with them beside me of course:)..ugh okay i think thats all~ my tears is gone rght now..so im done with you buddy. than you for listening my blabliblubleblo:) i hope tommorow we can meet again and tell you something interest~hehehe..good night^^


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